Travel EDC (Everyday Carry) - What's In My Pockets Ep. 47

Publicado el 2 oct 2021
So you finally get to travel again, here are some of the best essential travel accessories and Everyday Carry (EDC) in 2021 to take pack with you! This includes everyday tech, wallets/pouch, and even fidget toys too.edc pouch

⭐️ Vessi's Weekend Shoes -

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[ 0:00 ] Pineapple on pizza or nah?


[ 0:13 ] 1. Bellroy Venture Sling -
[ 0:46 ] 2. Vessi Weekend Shoes -
[ 2:04 ] 3. Bond Sanitizer Dispenser -
[ 2:53 ] 4. Alpaka Zip Pouch -
[ 4:26 ] 5. Heroclip Carabiner -
[ 5:18 ] 6. Silicone Ring Bottle Holder -
[ 5:56 ] 7. Anker Magnetic 5K Battery -
[ 6:46 ] 8. Ono Roller Jr -
[ 7:25 ] 9. Nanobag -
[ 8:22 ] 10. Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses -
[ 10:05 ] 11. Outlery Cutlery -
[ 11:05 ] 12. Matador Pocket Blanket -
[ 12:03 ] 13. Klearlook Phone Stand Holder -
[ 13:00 ] 14. KableCARD Multi-Cable -
[ 14:31 ] 15. Air Deck Playing Cards -

[ 15:10 ] Comment the next EDC theme!

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  • So what EDC theme should I do next?! ➡️ WATCH NEXT: Best iPhone 13 Accessories - ⭐️ Vessi's Weekend Shoes - ⬆️ SAVE $25, USE CODE: EXCESSORIZE

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  • I hate that I want to buy half of the things I saw here. 1. Bellroy Sling 2. Alpaka Zip Pouch 3. Silicone Ring Bottle Holder 4. Anker Battery Pack 5. Nanobag 6. Matador Pocket Blanket 7. Klearlook Phoone Stand 8. KableCARD Multi cable.

  • Hey Excessorize Me, I purchased I pair of Vessi shoes, been over a week with no shipping info. Anything you can do to help? Want to cancel my order but although I have no shipping info they won’t cancel my order, I have purchased many items on your recommendations, but am pretty disappointed with this company you have advertised

    • Thanks for the reply, great videos btw

    • I’d give them a little more time, they may be rushed with orders for the season, but I’ve never run into any other issues with them.

  • A lot of what was shown here seems rather gimmicky to me and I personally would not use it. I have tried out a lot and know what works for me and what doesn’t. The litmus test when that 10 pm shopping impulse hits you, is to ask „Does it solve a problem that I *really* have? And if so: Does it require fundamentally changing any of my habits and go out of my way & against my preferences?“ If the answer to the first question is „no“, hold off on buying. It will be a waste of your money. If you need to go out of your way and change how you do things in a big way: The thing might not be for you. Look for a better alternative. Do not buy stuff because you think you might find it useful. Again, unless you have a specific requirement that the piece of gear meets, there is no point in making up a use case for it (and if it is only to justify the purchase to yourself). And it is oh so easy to trick yourself into thinking that you have the exact issue that some shiny gadget will solve. I know, because I’ve been there. A lot of stuff that I thought was pretty nifty ended up sitting in a drawer or being sold on because it never saw any actual use beyond the „honeymoon phase“ that every gear nerd knows. But once that was over, all it did was take up space in my bag. Best example is the cutlery set. I love idea and the design. But I know I would not use it, because it is too fiddly. I want to pull my cutlery out and be able to use it within a few seconds, and not having to undo a zipper on the silicone case, fumble it out there, open a box, stow box and sleeve away, and then screw assorted pieces of metal together. If that is for you: rock on. You do you, and I am definitely not here to tell you what to do. But I would rather go with something different. This cutlery set might solve an issue that I have, but it requires too much faffing about, which I am really not a fan of.

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  • When you were showing the roller toy and said “for those that have anxiety flying” I really thought it would open and was a pill holder lol. Like there would be perfectly lined up Xanax bars hahah…I’ve been prescribed it forever for my anxiety and a decade later still only take as needed but it’d be nice to have something to carry around 2 for emergency in case of having a panic attack. Believe it or not people don’t all take them to abuse them.

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  • Would you consider this a personal item since it could potentially be placed underneath the seat? Or this wouldn’t count towards your carry on allowance since you can carry it on your person at all times? Ive traveled using a fanny pack strapped across my chest, a personal item that can go underneath the seat, as well as a carry on all together but a fanny pack is smaller than this bag. So I’m curious to find out what the staff would say regarding the size of the bags.

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  • 13:08

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