Top 5 iPhone 13/13 Pro Cases - Available Now!

Publicado el 25 sep 2021
These iPhone 13/iPhone 13 Pro cases are available right now. The best iPhone 13 Cases and my favorites to use with slim, leather, tough, and wallet options to choose from!

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[ 0:00 ] Comment which iPhone you're rocking!


[ 0:45 ] 1. Torras Slim Fit Case -
[ 1:42 ] 2. Mous Limitless 4.0 Case -
[ 2:42 ] 3. Spigen Tough Armor Case -
[ 3:58 ] 4. Nomad Modern Leather Case -
[ 4:54 ] 5. Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 Case -

[ 6:09 ] Comment what accessories I should test!

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  • What iPhone 13 case are you rocking? 🤔 ➡️ WATCH NEXT: Best iPhone 13 Accessories - [0:45] 1. Torras Slim Fit Case - [1:42] 2. Mous Limitless 4.0 Case - [2:42] 3. Spigen Tough Armor Case - [3:58] 4. Nomad Modern Leather Case - [4:54] 5. Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 Case -

    • Worlds going on half I didn’t get a women midnight.

    • Pre-Ordered my Mous case and it still isn't here.

    • Or should I stick to graphite

    • Do you think the sierra blue will look good under the brown leather case

    • I want to get the nomad but I’m not sure what color phone you have underneath and if mine will look as good

  • Going from xs to 13 pro max was worth it

  • how do you make this light near the microphone blink?

  • Bro stop throwing the phone all over the room and give somebody wants it

  • I love how he just drops the phones.. I enjoy the humor as well Very well Don’t video And the ASMR-ness of it all is just phenomenal.. it’s like.. Addictingly good.. The new standard for ESmain videos?

  • I’ll be honest I use the mouse case and it’s not all that thank God I had a screen protector because it still cracked also this other ESmain or did he drop test for mouse actually failed

  • I rock the caudabe sheath and it’s amazing. It’s by far the best case available.

  • Man I haven’t watched this guys vids in too long. His subscriber count shocked me! Congrats man. Any chance of including some ‘frameless’ cases in your reviews - personally love the open sided cases that provide a near naked grip yet with lay on table design thanks to raised top/bottom lips.

  • I got my iPhone 13 2 weeks ago and it alread has a small scratch on the top, so I ordered a case and a screenprotector from rhinoshield

  • What does he mean by ”if you were one of the unlucky ones that got it on day one”?

  • While this is a review for a phone case, your side comments (“…visible iPhone logo so everyone can now that you can no longer afford that avocado toast”) have me loling away what was a stressful day. Lol-thanks dude. 🙂

  • “…so I can match my phone case with my floorboards…”😂😂😂😂

  • I got the white iPhone 13 pro max 128gb. I have an unboxing video on my channel. I absolutely love this phone! Everything about it was so worth the upgrade :) If you want a thinner clear case, check out the Spigen brand! I have an unboxing and review of it on my channel!

  • Why do Americans always throw things away?

  • I feel bad for that phone

  • Excellent video! Thanks for the recommendations

  • Disclaimer: "No iPhones were harmed during the making of this video"

  • Wow this guy made a video on 5 cover for 6.30 mins 😂 amazing

  • If I had a dollar for every time he drops or slams his phone on the table, I could buy a brand new iPhone 13 pro

  • I love how no one are talking about how he slam his phone down all around the video 😂

  • What color way is the Spigen tough armor case in this video ? They have black / gunmetal / slate / please help 🙏🏻

  • lmao love this yo

  • How about otterbox?

  • Thanks!

  • You keep bashing wireless charging but I totally do it all the time 😅

  • I love the Mous case. But why did they have to paint their logo white??? Such an eyesore :(

  • I cant be the only one who is truly shocked on how well this video is edited and presented! Definitely gonna subscribe!

  • Your videos are a pleasure to watch and damn entertaining. I plan to buy slightly more than half of the products toy showcase. Fantastic way to stand out. Keep up the great work.

  • Your transitions bruh!!! Love it!

  • How about pop socket, loop case for larger phones like the max?

  • HUHUHUHUH. so aggressive

  • I prefer clear cases because I like to see the color of my iPhone and, yes, the Apple logo too.

  • I really like the action. Great video, comical, and informative.

  • First time I've seen your videos. You're pretty damn funny 😂

  • Mous vs Gear 4 (D30)? 🤔

  • Hi I have a question. What do you think is better having a clear case or that kind of wallet case? I can still put cards under the clear case

  • im just going to subscribe because 1. your straight to the point 2. entertaining 3. fire reviews.

  • I have bought mous case, if not satisfied i will catch all your necks soon.

  • “This fancy walnut so I can match my phone to my floorboards” . I am dying lol 😂. As usual, love the reviews! Keep it up.

  • This guy makes me want to beat up my phone and toss it around

  • this video is for people they like to destroy their phones for no reason

  • Great review but all the hand action is fucking annoying

  • my absolute fav part of your case vids are when you do the case change drop.. always so smooth of a transition

  • Mous is a really good case i had it on my iPhone 11 for a long time it’s quite expensive tho. But worth it Just make sure to pick the bamboo one….. or wood style

  • the lack of a lip on the Torras really is a dealbreaker, dang.

  • this is a funny take on review type videos. nice work. original funny commentary

  • The annoying over the top slaps and movements are so annoying

  • for some reason me and my friend cannot see your new videos in our news feed in india you should check out what's happening

  • This video gives me anxiety. Good review tho

  • Him dropping his phone is just painful

  • Next edc venom please

  • I don't suck at holding things but I suck the things which I hold😏

  • Torras make the best thin cases

  • If you do not mind could you please comment on Bellroy cases ?


  • You cheated on Rhino-shield !!!

  • Please do a EDC red I had to get a red iPhone 12 because they didn’t have any other colors so I need to match!!!!

  • God this review is legendary....Totally unique..

  • how about the pitaka cases?

  • This video was incredible. And entertaining AF.

  • I would like to file a complaint on a case of severe phone abuse

  • Fake... No gano iphone 13 accesorios.. Gano Android Phone accesorios.......... 😠😠😠😡😡😡😡🤬🤬

  • 1:21 - but I see the lip around the front.

  • Review caudabe synthesis

  • Do you have a screen protector

  • Ew him scratching and throwing his phone is so cringeyyyyyyyy

  • Kinda surprised Rhino Shield isn't on this list..

  • Where you get the black keys you show in some of your videos

  • We need an autumn EDC please!!!

  • tbh all I care about which case provides the maximum drop protection.

  • You forgot the BELLROY!!!

  • What do you think of the pitaka case?

  • Dope ass review

  • The hat hoodie combo is so bad I’m not going to watch the video. Maybe next time

  • Mous Rules

  • What’s the slimmest one? The pro is so heavier than my 11 could do with something really light

  • You want a case the can fully protect your phone then get the Unicorn Beetle Pro

  • Been using nomad cases since the iPhone X. It’s gotten better every year

  • Underestimated channel. Genuine reviews advertising to a sizable target audience, with great quality edits and funny commentary. keep it up

  • mouse limitless uses fake carbon fiber :|

  • Rhinoshield is better than all of these combined.

  • Smartish Gripzilla is an awesome case. Great price too!

  • Love the way u review and throw them around

  • so aggressive damn 😭

  • I use the mous case , there expensive but work & feel great used on my 11pro max just got another today for my 13pro max 👍

  • review a phone rabel case

  • Mous cases are incredible I’ve been using them since the 8 plus when they first launched surprisingly my iPhone 12 Pro max case works on the 13 pro max but still solid

    • @Tim Mark it's actually not surprisingly. i thought the same thing but I've had one for three years and it's served me well. dropped this phone hundreds of time and literally only ever gotten one minor scratch. and i do some heavy duty shit with it. highly recommend.

    • Do you work for Mous. The case is very slippery.

    • I like the pelican shield series. But wireless charging doesn't work with my specific Samsung fan wireless charger

    • Their clarity case is stunning, love Mous ❤️

    • You want a case the can fully protect your phone then get the Unicorn Beetle Pro

  • Loved your witty commentary! Great video. Good product info sharing too!

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  • I got a torras case for my 13 mini! Amazing case

    • Can you confirm that this case doesn't have any protective lip around the front, as the author said? But it seems I see the lip on 1:21.

  • TORRAS is always the BEST!

  • Will get a slim fit case for my new iPhone 13.

  • Torras Slim fit is the most fashionable one

  • I’ve purchased a torras case years ago and it was really nice, will get a new one this year too!

  • I’ve purchased a torras case years ago and it was really nice, will get a new one this year too!

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  • Don't play basketball with your phone LOL!

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