The Ultimate Blackout EDC Fidget Toy!

Publicado el 24 ago 2021
⭐️ SRG-07 (G1) Fidget Toy -
➡️ Watch Blackout EDC -


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  • ⭐️ SRG-07 (G1) Fidget Toy - ➡️ Watch Blackout EDC -

  • Got one for sale if anyone's interested

  • He finally made a loop that works

  • Smart move

  • After working in the CNC business for a couple years. This shit does not cost anywhere near even $100

    • @EXCESSORIZE ME. its a fidget toy why would you need it to be zirc?

    • Have you ever worked or purchased raw zirc?

  • Hell no

  • $500. Best decision he might ever made.

  • If you bring that to school they will call a bomb drill

  • As a guy with brown skin… I’ll pass

  • What a waste of money.....and shame on the seller who charged 500.....

  • Wish I could get it but I’m Muslim

  • *Тот самый тихий чел на последней парте😂🤣*

  • Wish this was more affordable 💔

  • What a WASTE of time….

  • Sorry buddy, after 10 days it will cost only USD1 coming out from China😜😁😁😁

  • Nobody: Me: pulling it out at an airport

  • That thing is not worth more than 60 usd. and it is easy to make stuff like this, but hey we live in a world where you work less and live like a king. :)))))))))))

  • "your definitely gonna get some attention from this." Because it's a f**king grenade.

  • Can you do a fidget special Not linked to facebook groups Pppppplease one day.

  • Boy you got finessed

  • Yes it will catch attention... Of cops.

  • I have the same one but mine came off a 1 dollar hotwheel

  • Costs 40$ to make....your a grown man with a fidget toy collection??? WHAT!?

  • This is a tutorial on how to get shot by the police for fidgeting.

  • Can you do a fidget video

  • When you take it out of your pocket ... EVERYONE WILL BE RUNNING and the police will be all over you...

  • Should do a short video on the mask you have pandemic edc mask

  • because..?!

  • You’re going to catch some attention pulling that thing out of your pocket? Yeah when they find out how much you spent for something to fiddle with.

  • Gotta same one for 4 bucks

  • alright guys, who’s gonna make the cheap alternative?

  • let me hold that

  • Wow stress relieved ❤️

  • Worst 500 I've ever seen someone spend 🤦‍♂️

  • Ok, ma a che cazzzzo serve !?

  • Lmaooooo you be getting free handouts? Cuase thats not worth no dayum $500 lol

    • @EXCESSORIZE ME. Thanks for the reply! I get it. 😝 I’m pretty sure someone thinking the same of me on some of the things i have and what worth it meant for me to be purchasing. My girl would kill me of she knew how much this was and i had one Lol

    • Worth is relatively my dude.

  • looks like useful

  • Don't wanna bring this to school 😬😬😬

  • cool stuff, but wouldn't pay more than £20

  • Grail piece! 👊 chasing something very similar … 🔥🔥

    • @EXCESSORIZE ME. lautie Zirc mini dealer or Zirc bit02

    • A holy grail for me 🔥 what are you eyeing?!

  • Not in AmErIcA 🤣 You’ll probably end up getting shot by the police

  • Why does it look like a grenade

  • I’d love one but I work at an airport and going through security with that would probably get me fired

  • How abt some affordable fidget toy videos and how abt using stuff that isn’t sold exclusively from Facebook groups not everyone wants to use facebook

    • Agreed I use marketplace to look for motorcycles but before I never had Facebook the app blows and it's really intrusive I don't use it for anything more than marketplace and I'm definitely not joining community's so I can try and catch a drop of a bunch of $200+ fidget toys.

  • “You will definitely catch some attention pulling this tiny tool out of your pocket” I dunno if I will dawg you said there were only three and you have one of them.

  • I need a full vid!

  • Catch some attention.. Yeah by MI5 and counter terrorism

  • Ur an offical clown

  • Weird that adults now play with toys you’d typically give to a toddler to keep them entertained

  • Dope!

  • 500 buck???? damn I spent a lot of money on edc items (cumulative) but never have I spent that much on a single fidget toy.... which i had that much money to blow lmao

  • Oof $500. It better be part of your prized collection.

  • The cap you collab'd has arrived - it's nice

  • stands only 1 inch tall 🤣

  • because.... what?????..... becasue what??!!!!!

  • just make sure to do not place it in your carry-on when travelling

  • So Niko Bellic gave you it

    • You must’ve missed the whole first sentence of the video.

  • That's going to be a YIKES from me dawg

  • I hate myself for saying this but that pin is a sounding tool for on the go.

  • Zircon is such a cool looking material to make stuff of

    • yeah but why do you need a fidget toy made from nuclear control rods

  • This is one of the worst EDCLOONG releases just saying

  • Damn I love your humor! And you f-ing looped the video😱

  • One of three....dizang the resale on that is gonna be nuts. Cool design

  • Ultimate until some idiot brings the wrong attention for looking like a grenade lol 500$ to almost never leave the house " here's an item you can't buy "

  • because...

  • Like this

  • Can you do best slings v2 please

  • Me: This looks cool! This is worth over $500 dollars. Me:

  • My guy nice loop at the end

  • 7th

  • looks cool........ but definitely not worth $500

    • @Ritchie Cruz It's not consumerism when it's a crafted designer object built in limited quantities.

    • @akshay Dubey consumerism at its finest 👌

    • because u dont have followers

    • @akshay Dubey still doesn’t mean isn’t worth the 500$ I mean I can make 3 metal mini sculptures but no one would buy em from me for 500$

    • 😂thats why it's one of three ever made

  • Looks like a hand granade.

  • second not bad

  • first btw nice vid imma buy it now