The Smallest Blackout Tool!

Publicado el 27 ago 2021
⭐️ Civivi Baby Banter -
➡️ Watch Blackout EDC -


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  • ⭐️ Civivi Baby Banter - ➡️ Watch Blackout EDC -

    • @D. Persaud House of Knives for Canada!§ion=product

    • @D. Persaud Possibly, if not I’m in Salt Lake City and can ship something for you. 🤙🏻

    • I’m in Canada does bladehq ship to Canada?

  • Kershaw ember. Cheaper and better deployment action.

  • Yes I just might pick up one of those blacked out models, o yeah have you seen the one with the JADE and black blade ? Seen one on E-BAY 2 bills 💸 THANKS FOR SHARING

  • Jesus Christ is coming back soon so believe on his name and be saved from hell. May God bless your day

  • Proud owner of the Banter WE

  • Yeah I like that one a lot. I try to switch up what's in my pocket but I always seem to go back to my original old green 940 Osborne

  • Mine arrived today. Smaller than I thought I’ve got a decent collection of higher end knives but something about this one makes it one of my favorites if your on the fence just go for it

  • I carry a Sog Trident Tanto. Nothing else i found compares.

  • I freaking want one of these, but can’t afford it. 😩😩

  • I wouldn’t add it to my collection, but that’s cause I need a good steel for my knives, I also wouldn’t want to sharpen my knife right out of the box lol

  • no

  • I have one too and its fun af to play with and feels like such a much bigger knife in hand

  • already ordered from knafs

  • Thanks for sharing! I ordered the Ben Blue version. I love my Babies (CJRB Maileah, Fox Baby Core, Kizer Contrail, Sanrenmu T11, Spyderco Dragonfly) and I'm sure I'll be happy to carry this one as well🤗

  • D

  • What is the size of the blade? I live in Japan and it kills me not being able to carry a blade longer than 2.1 inches

    • Get a pro-tech runt 5😍

    • It's a bit longer than that, around 2.4 inches. Spyderco has a couple of models that may work for you.

  • Bought it you got me again

  • I didn’t check the quantity because my heart was pounding due to the massive interest. I checked out at 400 something and didn’t have time to fix. Silver lining. …. I have 2 extras 🤩

  • Got one yesterday ssooooo sweettt smooot figety

  • Does bladehq ship to Canada??

  • Truthfully I already have the civivi Odium and it's great. Small enough to fit in my 5th pocket but still comfortable to hold. Also small enough that it doesn't scare people if I'm fidgeting with it in public.

  • Can i carry this in Ontario?

  • I love it.

  • no hate but man can you make a different channel for shorts, these uploads are annoying.

  • I'm definitely grabbing these instead, I was gonna pick up the spyderco Dragonfly 2 but that'll be next time haha!

  • Bout to order one from knife center

  • I love it, but I know I’d lose it.

  • I would definitely buy it.

  • Honestly I would

  • Sadly illegal to carry in Germany

  • Yup. Trying to find one online haha

  • Way to small for me!

  • hoping that he will reply to me:( one day


  • That looks like a great knife that doesn't cost an arm and a leg! Doesn't ship to India tho😭

  • Made in China. Pocket clip structure failed on mine right away and no replacement available. Got it at bladehq. They said I needed to take it off and bend it back but this was not successful because the clip was so weak.

    • what the hell are you doing that you alrdy destroyed the pocket clip?

  • This dude and my 12 year old cousin are the only people who’d probably play with a life like this just because it’s cute and small

  • Second