The Best Desk Setup Accessory!

Publicado el 26 ago 2021
⭐️ Zoser Pyramid -
➡️ Watch Blackout EDC -


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  • ⭐️ Zoser Pyramid - ➡️ Watch Blackout EDC -

    • the link is not working where to buy ?

    • @Jeremy Daily ya the group has the stuff for sale but it’s private so you have to be excepted

    • that's wicked! although the link to buy it points me to a FB group. Intended?

    • Do they accept everyone into edc loong

    • Desert edc

  • When you try and make a decent loop and instead everyone just-

  • I hate these shorts

  • Where can I buy this?

  • Richard Dean Anderson has entered the chat

  • I want to buys where is the link

  • "as it's just" what?

  • Fun and cool. Looking it up, I found it for $250-500. If that doesn't seem too bad, your materialism is greater than mine. Don't worry, you can find peace for free

  • Where's this year's back to school edition Edc>?

  • That loop tho

  • ...and there's a bonus: if the cryptex spins according to the ancient hieroglyphics, a time-space portal opens and James Spader walks through. 😜 Cool spinner, but I'd be afraid to invoke the Stargate's wrath.

  • Hmm yes, I made my paper weight out of metal, now give $200

    • Is that the real price? I wouldn't be surprised, just a little sad

  • It would be cool to see a collection video of all the fidget toys you have!!

  • Why does this video end in such an abrupt, weird way?!?!

    • Because ESmain shorts AKA ESmain turning into tiktok

  • wow really? its *Just* !? damn that's amazing

  • joker(green and purple)please

  • What is it? spinning paperweight?

  • it really is just-

  • 3rd

  • I can only imagine the price of that lo But damn it looks slick af

  • 1st