Prime Day Deals + EDC (Everyday Carry) Shopping Haul! - What's In My Mail Ep. 11

Publicado el 20 jun 2021
⭐️ iVANKY Dual USB-C Docking Station -

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Another Everyday Carry shopping spree with some Prime Day deals too, this time grabbing a few wallets, new multi-tools, and one of the coolest deck of cards ever.


[ 0:00 ] Iron Man or Captain America?!


[ 0:09 ] 1. Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini -
[ 0:54 ] 2. iVANKY Dual USB-C Docking Station -
[ 2:08 ] 3. Insta360 Go 2 -
[ 3:45 ] 4. Urban Carvers x Keyport KO Quick Release -
[ 4:21 ] 5. Gerber Armbar Slim Cut -
[ 4:56 ] 6. Gerber Armbar Slim Drive -
[ 5:27 ] 7. SOG PowerPint -
[ 6:20 ] 8. Outdoor Element Firebiner -
[ 7:03 ] 9. PopSockets MagSafe PopGrip -
[ 7:42 ] 10. PopSockets MagSafe PopWallet+ -
[ 8:06 ] 11. Vital Carry TM2 Sharpie Case -
[ 8:47 ] 12. Vital Carry Copper No Touch Bar -
[ 9:17 ] 13. Orbitkey Black Edition Bundle -
[ 9:55 ] 14. Pioneer Altitude Billfold -
[ 10:45 ] 15. Bellroy Flip Case -
[ 11:39 ] 16. Bellroy Folio Mini -
[ 12:33 ] 17. Card Mafia Iron Man Mark 85 -
[ 13:23 ] 18. Ammo Design Singularity -
[ 13:53 ] 19. Geez Haptic Coin - N/A
[ 14:29 ] 20. Hybrid Crossing DZ Fidget Gear -
[ 14:53 ] 21. TwoEDC Coracle -
[ 15:27 ] 22. Rino Ready GRD-01 LTD -
[ 16:28 ] 23. Masuku One -
[ 17:21 ] 24. Outdoor Research Face Mask Kit -

[ 18:24 ] What EDC theme should I do next?

🛒 Shop BEST Accessories and EDC -

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  • ⭐️ iVANKY Dual USB-C Docking Station - 🛠 EDC/TECH/ACCESSORIES: [0:09] 1. Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini - [0:54] 2. iVANKY Dual USB-C Docking Station - 2:08] 3. Insta360 Go 2 - 3:45] 4. Urban Carvers x Keyport KO Quick Release - [4:21] 5. Gerber Armbar Slim Cut - [4:56] 6. Gerber Armbar Slim Drive - [5:27] 7. SOG PowerPint - [6:20] 8. Outdoor Element Firebiner - [7:03] 9. PopSockets MagSafe PopGrip - [7:42] 10. PopSockets MagSafe PopWallet+ - [8:06] 11. Vital Carry TM2 Sharpie Case - [8:47] 12. Vital Carry Copper No Touch Bar - [9:17] 13. Orbitkey Black Edition Bundle - [9:55] 14. Pioneer Altitude Billfold - [10:45] 15. Bellroy Flip Case - [11:39] 16. Bellroy Folio Mini - [12:33] 17. Card Mafia Iron Man Mark 85 - [13:23] 18. Ammo Design Singularity - [13:53] 19. Geez Haptic Coin - N/A [14:29] 20. Hybrid Crossing DZ Fidget Gear - [14:53] 21. TwoEDC Coracle - [15:27] 22. Rino Ready GRD-01 LTD - [16:28] 23. Masuku One - [17:21] 24. Outdoor Research Face Mask Kit -

    • By the way why don't you type the price of the product when the name of the product pops up??

    • Do you think you could make a video of all of the haptic coins/ regular coins you’ve had please? Just combine all of the clips

    • I live in saudi Arabia EDC BASED ON DESERT THEME. 🤔

    • Awesome video! Can you please do a video about lighters.

    • I want a poor edition

  • That 2nd mask that you showed looks like a nut cup 😁

  • soomeone bought those masks for 20 bucks ? are they worth it ? xD

  • I really love watching ur videos, recommending expensive and pretty much things u can live without. Hahaha

  • I got a man's caped ad that you made while watching your video

  • 2:58 well i actually feel like replacing my phone with that damn camera

  • As someone who has gotten real good at pickpocketing (through practice on friends lol) Magnetic lanyards are retarded

  • r we having a loki EDC?????? Omg

  • Fricken rad

  • Bellroy is pronounced how it’s spelt mate

  • 95% of all my tech and phone accessories came from this Chanel.

  • Did anyone else notice how the light shines perfectly over the pink and blue video at the end

  • I just thought of a perfect theme!! Bear Grylls!!! It would feature all kinds of survivalist edc!

  • This might be a little too late and I might post it on your next video but I challenge you to do EDC around the Avatar - Elements/Nations ( Color coded of course) and close to what the benders or non benders could use in reality. Thank you and love you videos.

  • For your next edc you should get the Gerber gear barbill wallet. It holds several cards and cash but it is also a multi tool. I use it on the daily and it is very durable and goes for 20 dollars on Amazon

  • BRO I LOVE THE FINBINER IT HAS HELPED ME IN SO MANY INSTANCES Actually it’s right next to me I’ve been waiting for you to show it

  • DO A BACK TO SCHOO PLZZ, I go back on the 2nd😭

  • 14:12 i think heartstone (Edit) yo i just saw a short of u and i was like: G he gonna thank mei will feel very grateful and intelligent

  • Yo where did you get your blacked out keys?

  • Where cas we get the haptic coin ?

  • Best water proof case for iPhone 12?

  • I have the deck of cards in purple! Hmu if anyone wants them

  • hey man can you do a review of the adidas r.y.v sling pack the 3 pocket version i think you gonna like the overall aesthetic and design it has also can you do or have a dedicated like sling pack/fanny pack

  • Do a cotton candy edc theme

  • You're the only guy that can be minimalist and ultra consumist at the same time xD I ain't even mad, nobody else would manage to make it!

  • Love my new MagSafe pop wallet works well even with non MagSafe cases not as strong but works just fine

  • You should do a deadpool EDC

  • For an upcoming video, can you do one just on all the masks you like and recommend? I've seen so many cool ones in different videos and I can't decide so seeing them all in one video would be a big help. Even a compilation video would be fine.

  • Can you do a Oil Slick EDC plz

  • Titanium

  • Can we get a new Blackout EDC? 😎

  • You should do an anime theme edc

  • You should do an outdoor edc bag video

  • Some really DOPE stuff brother. Great video!

  • The thin alley bacteriologically suspend because april serendipitously shiver toward a deserted duck. peaceful, flawless bite

  • next edc should be cod cold war

  • We saw ur desk setup now show us a gaming one pls

  • Do an American flag color wave EDC please

  • I would love to see a whole fidget episode......make it an hour long I dont care..but pls include ALL the fidget gear u have...I absolutely love ur videos..

  • Yu-Gi-Oh and MTG players with the ironman box.

  • Bro can u review casetify x Champion case?

  • They really should make one of those sharpie cases for the mini sharpie that way when they add the extra bulk it won't be crazy big

  • Gerber Knife is a liner lock.

  • That wasn't a saw that was a serrated blade

  • What brand is the shirt I must know!

  • He def got paid to show all these products in his videos. Don’t trust anything this guy says, this whole video is an ad….

  • Do a Spider-Man EDC please!!!

  • The Ammo Design fidget toy sparked my interest. I have a feeling that it is another product in the "drop culture", or can anyone purchase them whenever they want? Thanks for all the great stuff. My wallet hates you. lol

  • After looking for the perfect mask, the Rino Ready GRD-01 is my daily mask since the first time I’ve seen him show it. Thank you ✌️

  • That sir is a pocket clip not a belt clip.

  • Bro. I just watched like 10 ads in a row…

  • The lack of prices is a baffling...

  • Bro, tell me you will do a video for the new dbrad skins they are sick as f*ck

  • Ok! Hey I bought the jelly fish AirPod case and man I love it!! And lifetime warranty and I have a new one after my stand broke. Next have you seen the true company multi tools? The knife is pretty good.

  • Him not knowing that was obviously a Hearthstone coin hurt my soul.

  • Check out the everyday blade from korcraft

  • me: I do not need a card deck. I do not need an Iron man card deck.

  • not for me. Except the butt plug, maybe...

  • got the Rino Ready mask because of the previous video you made. loved the gundam look. unfortunately they are out of stock and i was forced to take the camo version for 2 of my 3 orders. was surprised they sent me all camo version and frustrated I didnt receive the white/frost version. product might be good but order handling sucks big time.

  • does anyone here know where we can get all that fidget toys in Indonesia ? i really want one and i've searched everywhere, but no results.

  • Are cards easy to access in the bellroy snap case?

  • Sorry bro but 99% of this stuff is WAY overpriced and the other 1% we are not going to need soon ( I'm talking about the face masks) and even those are overpriced. So, nice try The video itself is well produced well put together so you get a thumbs up for that 👍

  • Why the masks? Its something we want to get rid of… where i live there will be no more of them in 2 months time

  • Aaaaaannnnnd he opens with a banger, folks! Damn man, you’re starting to be a god at this. Marques, Jon and the rest better get they nuts up….

  • Do a most comfortable/convenient carry

  • That camera looks like a turret from portal...

  • Is it just me or is anyone else so satisfied by the things that it makes you wanna buy them all?

  • did you get a new camera?

  • Oh damn, it’s the Hearthstone coin from being the one starting second.

  • The way he threw the phone gave me so much anxiety

  • Cool knife

  • Woah that's the cards from rise magic asmr he is a cardist PS: cardistry is basically doing awesome shuffles you should try cardistry as a hobby you can find a tutorial

  • That's a hearthstone logo on the coin. lol =D

  • Pride EDC for pride ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🏳️‍🌈 month.

  • is he saying LETS CHECK IT OUT!, or the more appropriate LETS CHUCK IT OUT!!

  • Lol on the PowerPint it’s pronounced “ol” or “all”

  • Can you start writing the prices next to the names of the products in the videos please, cuz that would give us a good idea on if its actually affordable for most of us.

    • @Wowzern8r Truee

    • Agreed lol that camera at the beginning looked so cool but when I saw the price I was like lol I don't think I need it that bad😆

  • 4:43 a long one, 3 inches. :)

  • You can usually breath even more properly if you move to America.

  • I love my firebiner! So glad they’re getting some traction in the EDC community.

  • Can you do something multi tool/knife related for UK viewers? Nothing that locks and blade less than 7.62cm please!

  • Did you know if the iVANKY Dual USB-C Docking Station work with the Macbook air M1 ? (since the dual monitor is not working for the moment...)

    • M1 just supports the single display, so even this docking station couldn't work for dual monitor with MacBook Air M1.

  • You should a car accessories version

  • This channel is stray further and further from EDC and became fully luxurious niche fidget toys review

  • Nice reviews for all the gear. For the TM2 Sharpie case, the couple of threads on the other end allow the cap to be posted. And yes, it could definitely function as a Kubotan :)

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  • Love it!

  • Great video man! You should be on Netflix!

  • Hey, is it possible to do a video on fidget toys that don’t require you to join a Facebook group?

  • Ammo design is a knuck, say it Vince, a knuck 😜

  • For me the Card Mafia Ironman mark 85 is the winner in this group. I don't even care about the cards . The packaging is awesome!

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  • Really big fan 🤩☺️

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