My iPhone 13 Survived This! (Casetify Impact/Ultra Impact iPhone 13 Case - Review)

Publicado el 3 nov 2021
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The Casetify Impact and Ultra Impact Cases for the new iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max may just be the tough case you're looking for. It's minimal in the hand, offers a whole range of designs and customization, and even has an antimicrobial layer to keep your case feeling fresh!


This video is sponsored by Casetify. All opinions expressed are based on my own experience.








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  • ⭐️ Go to today to get 15% off your new phone case!

  • So if you sum it up is it worth getting? (yes, no, and why)

  • 2:55 were those scratches?

  • I bought a rhinoshield case and its coming on wednesday

  • Hey can u do casetify vs mous plz

  • I got the white iPhone 13 pro max 128gb. I have an unboxing video on my channel. I absolutely love this phone! Everything about it was so worth the upgrade :) If you want a thinner clear case, check out the Spigen brand! I have an unboxing and review of it on my channel!

  • Help i can get the mf case off😭

  • Please make a video on iPad it’s been so long

  • please make for pixels 6 also!😅

  • Love your videos! Can you make a video on Christmas gift ideas! Those always help me every year.

  • I am a simple human. I see person smacking iPhone on table, I subscribe to person.

  • Whoa you guys are actually getting your Casetify orders? What a shock!

  • Do hacker edc

  • So the question is is this case better that rhino shield cases?

  • You have to wait at least 3 months. Not worth it.

  • But where’s the face drop tho

  • When is 14 inch MacBook accesory video coming?

  • Make a new video besides Iphone.

  • I got a million adds from this company today

  • If anyone is looking for the toughest phone cases in the world: Love Mei cases / Juggernaut cases

  • Guess this is just an iphone channel now. lol Blink twice if the sponsers have you

  • Iphone cases should have a "wiped my face with a planet" protection factor

  • Looks like there is no grip on the sides.

  • Hai bro iam a big subscriber And I think this is best giveaway ❤❤

  • Ordered mine. Was debating between this or mous. 1. Safety wise - I preferred Casetify because those corner bumps are serious good compared to mous cases. 2. Only bad thing with Casetify is that, they have had delivery complaints since 5 years ago. Like delivery they use is total shite. They quote you around 2 weeks for delivery but 95% of the time, it’s takes 1-2 months. + I’ve seen reviews of clear/white cases going yellow fairly quick. 3. Conclusion - safety / design makes it way better imo compared to mous. But wait times is the main draw back.

  • That Vincent case was fire tho 🔥🔥

  • Just here to say that the "Branding" on the case puts me OFF, anyone else think the same way ???

  • So did you need to buy the MagSafe version of the cases to be able to use MagSafe? Or is MagSafe going to work even without it?

    • TylerThaTruth thought so. Currently rocking with rhinoshield modnx but wanting to get a secondary one. Cheers!!

    • you have to get the magsafe version of the case, or else your things will just have a weak connection or slide off

  • Please stop with the damn phone case videos!!!!

  • My kid bit my iPad like he bit that iPhone, and shattered the screen. It left a perfect imprint of his teeth in it too. He was about 4 at the time.

  • The way this guy throws his phones about on purpose and nothing happens to them, the first time my phone fell out my hand it fell in the drain 😩

    • The first time my phone fell out of my hand, it face planted into asphalt and then flew under a car and got ran over and completely crushed hahah

  • Always love a cases video, because you know it’s gonna end with the OG tagline.

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  • Is it just me or has MOST of his recent reviews been iPhone stuff, like bro, please, take a small break fro. iPhone stuff lol

    • @No. sell out would suggest he is getting paid to do it, I doubt he got money to showcase something that wasn't even available for sale, he's typically doing stuff to showcase smaller creatives when he does that

    • @Ziggy Bartdust lol he plugged a 500 fidget toy that wasnt even available to purchase. Thats a sellout move....all the apple stuff is regurgitating more of the same. In his defense all the reviewers I watch havent actually been reviewing much lately. Many gear reviewers have more opinionated/speculatory videos these days. Tech reviewers seem to be making up content as if there is a literal lack of items to review or youtubes regulations have changed. Either or both could be the case.

    • @No. I mean, at least some of that shit is interesting if not practical, but like, damn bro, I don't like apple, I don't care if he reviews apple, but it's been like 5 of the last 8 videos lol

    • @Carlo Julio a bit, but I hesitate to call someone a sell out, like I'm fine with him getting paid to review stuff, as long as it's honest, I just want more variety than, "one brand of phone" sponsors are the bound to happen living in a capitalist society, just wish he would do more than iPhone, like "writers bag" or "Communist themed gear" lol

    • That or really niche, not available, generic, overpriced fidget toys

  • Just bought one! Thx form Italy man! Ur the best

  • For this price range, would Mous cases be a better option?

    • With Mous’s lifetime warranty, definitely. Plus, Mous is also a well respected brand when it comes to protective cases. You can’t go wrong.

  • Got my 12 mini and ultra impact pangram fragile case still rocking since dec 2020

  • Those are nice cases but the price is outrageous. They don't fit in women's jeans either

  • For those looking for an un-biased opinion, The mous case is safer. However, the Ultra Impact is 2nd place and has customizability so theres that

    • @Lim Sze Liong Mind you I am not an expert I've simply watched a lot of videos and mostly shaped my opinion around MobileReviewsEh's. They test cases extensively and honestly. idk all the cases the one ur using might be good but the cases known to be safest are probably the safer option for most.

    • what about uag cases? I am currently using a plasma and so far it holds up pretty well as I have dropped it a few times

    • @Sergiu Salcau as in more protective

    • safer, what?

    • Im using mous case.. friggin love it.. dropped my phone everywhere and still works perfect.. best investment for mous case

  • what is the difference between grip case and the impact from casetify?

    • grip case is more thinner

    • It’s obvious 😂 One is grippy and the other one is more impact resistant 🤷‍♂️

  • Pelican Case

  • Am I the only one tired of phone cases/accessories? It like every video it’s the same thing now it’s getting so damn repetitive.

    • @TuckTuck That's fair and I feel ya. Bigger things to come, thanks for watching and supporting, hopefully won't let you down!

    • @EXCESSORIZE ME. I kinda said it bad. When I said phone cases/accessories I meant phone accessories not general accessories. The past six months I feel like half of every video is just talking about the same phone cases.

    • That’s kinda the point.

  • love the vids! but alot of iphone 13 accessories

  • Oh snaps you got my dude Jon Burgerman's case!!! Gonna send him this

  • Have you reviewed the Caudabe cases? (could not find a drop test review) please and thank you! 🙏🤞

  • I love watching your video 😁. Keep up the good work! Casetify took a long time to ship my iPhone 13 pro case. After almost 2 months in pending productions they told me that the all of the IPhone 13 cases are pre order items and finally told me that they moved the shipping to Mid Nov. I have to go through how many people to finally telling me what is going on! I end up canceling my order. They should make it clear on their websites on every iPhone 13 cases whether it is pre ordered items. This is my first time order their case. Such a disappointment 😑. Might going to try again on the future..

    • Don’t try again! They are unreliable and have a lot of bad reviews from people with shipping problems! All these influencer reviewers got their cases free without asking, and they never had to deal with the shipping issues, so it’s conveniently left out of the topic even though it’s extremely common. Their website is misleading, everything says “low stock” and when you ask them why it take so long, they lie and claim it’s make to order. If you ask them why shipping takes long otherwise, they will lie and tell you it’s because usps doesn’t update tracking. Meanwhile, it’s literally still sitting in their factory. I’m in the US, and I noticed buying from them incurred an undisclosed international shipping fee, and when I asked them where the items ship from, 2 support staff responded back, but completely ignored the question. It’s so shady and the only reason anyone try is because of influencers who got treated like kings, otherwise no one would bother with this lying ass company.

  • Dislike, f*ck the Apple and iPhones...

  • Can you make an accessories video for the iPad mini 6

  • Why I am jealous watching this on my iPhone 7

  • No unicorn beetle pro?

  • Nah the toughest case is otterbox supcase iblason and anything with a good bumper

    • @symmetricalastic same

    • I hate otterbox. It heats up my phone and drains the battery. Ive tried four different ones. It even cracked in the center and the clear one turned yellow

    • @Robert Heller yep I’ve been just using a speck and Ringke case with screen protector but I use to think full body was the best way

    • Unicorn beetle pro: spitting facts

  • love

  • Or get a full phone insurance for 60$ per year😂

  • ⚡⚡

  • Can you get them with magsafe with the different designs on them

    • Most of them have a magsafe option

    • You can always get the sticker for magsafe

  • cool

  • I own this case and yet I watched this anyway lol

  • Camping gear next please 🙏

  • My favorite channel 👏🏾👍🏾💯

  • Yesss, I need these cases!

  • First