My Favorite EDC Tool!

Publicado el 10 jul 2021
⭐️ Blackfox Panchenko Bean Gen. 2 -
➡️ Watch Full Video -


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  • ⭐️ Blackfox Panchenko Bean Gen. 2 - ➡️ Watch Full Video -

    • @Joe Brookhart Yes, everything I share is a promotion for the product I'm sharing. I'm not saying it's better than anything else and everyone has their own preference, I'm sure there are cheaper, sharper, stronger, etc. knives out there but I dig this one too.

    • Please don't buy this shtity knife. There are plenty of amazing knives that cost half as much as this that do twice as much. If it's not obvious to anyone else that's watching this this is a promotion from the company.

  • Only advertised product I’ve ever considered buying, only because I lost my work knife today :( Cool knife tho, will probably order it later today to replace the OTF I lost

  • What blade steel is it?

  • Why did you draw and cut out a tiny penis lol

  • What bag is that?

  • Electronic Dance Concert tool?? Lol!

  • Интересненький, подарил бы кто такой.

  • That’s a babies first show knife… garbage steel which they made super thicc (which DOESNT help) , slip joints by design never lock securely and you gonna slice your fingers up once a week if you are MILDLY clumsy, the bean would be good if it was frame lock

  • What is the bag???

  • Scare anyone around you? Who are you hanging out with? Lol

  • not familiar with your reviews but seeing you sporting a ‘ murse ’ while describing a pen knife as ‘ cute ‘ and ‘one less thing to break my nails on ‘ …. maybe you could review tennis rackets too ?

  • That's 440c and some type of g10 or plastic. I have in s35vn and titanium. Was about $50 on Amazon. They also know as double detent knives

  • 440c? I think I want something with a little higher quality steel for edc. Cool knife though

  • Quit worrying about scaring people....let people get used to grown men carrying whatever the hell they want.... GD grow a pair already.... If someone is worried about my Spyderco police.....they're definitely not gonna like the matriarch in my other pocket....the CRKT Keramin around my neck.....or the "19" on my appendix with 3 mags on the other side.... The thing is though....all that is to keep them safe too. Quit contributing to the softening of the American citizen.

  • Detent not slipjoint.

  • looks nice at first like most cheap knives but I can NOT buy a friction lock. anybody know abt the quality of the steel and materials tho out of curiosity?

    • Wonder that too.... Probably something in the lower Cr family....shipped over here from some forced labor force.

  • Why did you draw a penis on the paper?

  • joker(green and purple) please!!!!!

  • You should try a spyderco chaparral, dragonfly 2, Benchmade bugout, or WE banter. Much better tools, you will never go back to budget steel.

    • Dragonfly 2 is a great small 5th pocket knife

  • One of my first EDC knives and the one I am least likely to pick up before I leave the house. Pointlessly small blade, shit steel and loves cutting the user.

    • @Vincent Snow yeah, you’d be right!

    • I’m guessing you probably wouldn’t be caught dead with a nylon purse either

  • How about no. Get a Lancer from Panchenko. Use a real knife lol.

    • @Mastermindyoung14 then they are fools.

    • The people eyeing this aren't getting a Lancer.

    • ur right looks like a rip off from the lancer lol

  • Keep your nails cut and there isn’t much to break.

  • great for cutting out dicks u draw on paper 😀

  • Do us all a favour and stop uploading. Dog water content

  • 38 years young and still lost my shit when I saw that dick pic

  • Cant believe people still use slip joints in knives that arent like swiss army knives. They scare the crap outta me. So scared the blade with fold on my fingers

    • @Travis Hoppins no offense ,but you have to know your tools and their uses/limits..

    • @Mastermindyoung14 I've never had one fold on my either but the fear is still resting in the back of my head

    • I've never had a blade fold on me. What are you doing wrong?

    • Can't believe people are still whining about slipjoints. Either use your tools correctly, or buy the correct tool in the first place

    • Lol my dad is the same way, I’m gonna try one out and see how it is, but I typically like frame locks or Axis locks since they’re easy to use. Only time I like liner locks is when the knife has really nice scales it’s showing off.

  • Then there is me with my propel downrange

  • Slip joints. For guys that don't want to break their nails.

  • I got this a while ago, because I really liked the look of it, but unfortunately this thing is not a real tool by any means. The blade is extremely chunky for a tiny folder and it'll take any chance to close onto your fingers.

    • Every knife person hates slip joints.

    • thxz I was actually thinking abt buying it until he said it was a friction locker and I was like nah that’s like my one no no with knives lol

  • If u use s slip joint, you really dont use ur knife

    • @Kylar Meier you should carry better knives if you actually use them. Those brands are for mall ninjas.

    • I carry both! Custom slipjoints are awesome and useful, but I NEED a modern locking folder to go with it.

    • @Laurențiu Alexa I use blades every single day. I work on boilers. I don’t live in the forest and even on my days off I have a blade in my pocket. I also carry a Glock 19 and no I don’t live in Afghanistan 😂😂 slip joints are kind of for the person like he says that just plays around or needs to fiddle with. My blades (preferably microtech Medford or benchmade ) are all 200-600$ blades that make my life easier.

    • presumably u don’t live in the forest, how do you use a knife on a daily basis?

  • Nah, i stick to my xold steel voyager for edc

  • And me at the opposite end of the spectrum with a Cold Steel Tuff Lite (with the Triad lock).

    • Yeah, I like my knives to have a lock

    • Lmao 😅😅 Read this comment as soon I had just picked up my Cold Steel Recon 1

    • @Chef Boi Arby I do find it funny when guys are crying about steel strength on something that's basically going to cut boxes and plastic. What sort of work are these people doing that they need super strong picket knives 🤣

    • @Hayden Bryan I meant it as in the guy likes to carry a knife with no lock for light duty tasks whereas I usually carry a knife with one of the strongest locking systems and meant to be beaten on. I don't really care about blade steel as long as I can get a good edge on it and go through a few boxes before having to sharpen it.

    • Wait, you don’t like a $45 440C knife???

  • Would love to see a phone wallet compilation. Not just card holders but folio wallets too!


  • Why this drawing?

  • Love my bean 2, really wish I could have gotten my hands im the flipper version

  • Can u make a budget EDC video for us mortals? Ps: love ur vids, waiting for the next one🤗

  • "small but serious" heard that before

  • Why do u always draw a picture of a penis??

  • I'm always wary of knife people who do not understand the benefits of a slip joint 👍

    • @Thinkiny Blinko: Honestly, how tough is it to unlock a Framelock or an Axis lock, or even a common back lock? And there is much better security with something like that.

    • Would you mind explaining these benefits? Personally I don't see any, it limits what you can do with the knife if you ask me but I'm curious to hear your side of it.

  • n bro plz give us a hint about upcoming video release date

  • try herschel backpack for a new edc

  • I am a short video creator, but I like your long videos very much. I think making long videos is a very amazing ability. I hope that through hard work, I can become a creator like you. You are my role model.

  • Am I the only one who isn't getting these videos in their Subscriptions page? Neither on phone nor desktop. Also YT shorts have the worst algorithm, I see tik tok bs, people popping their pimples, or some drywall screw hook things🤷‍♂️ I neveeer get anything from my Subscriptions

    • The last 3 Shorts I posted I turned off notifying subscribers as a test. Anything else you should be getting though!

  • This channel promotes materialism and capitalism. Stop trying to sell people things they do not need.

    • Nobody cares about your communist bullshit.

    • This comment is completely out of context 💀😹

    • And that’s why it’s good. Capitalism is the best… I feel bad for you communists

    • You know the great thing about capitalism? No one's forcing you to buy anything you don't want.

  • sup

  • Not sure if this is the kind of feedback you're wanting regarding the new 'shorts' videos, but.... While these bite-sized vids are cool and laser-focused on one item, they don't have the same appeal to me as your long-form videos (which, I understand, take a LOT more time and effort to produce). The shorts are like a skimpy 'appetizer' that can't satisfy like the bounteous 'main course' we all look forward to. Thing is, your regular 'themed' videos feature unique curations of cool products and -- cue the clanking, dropped items -- YOU and your odd haberdashery and your signature humor and antics. And that's a huge part of what makes them so entertaining and fun to watch. In the shorts, there's just no space to replicate this. So I'm not trying to deflate your efforts with these shorts (I get, like you said, that YT is ever-evolving), but I hope you realize that a lot of us appreciate your regular vids because of the longer-term escapism and entertainment they offer, and for the comically lightheaded, good-natured, clever fella who pours his heart into bad puns and stellar editing.

    • @EXCESSORIZE ME. Bro your long videos are fire!!🔥🔥 I lam a fan and I look foward to seeing your content. Don't stop putting out the long boiis! Much love❤️️

    • @EXCESSORIZE ME. Sorry for the super-delayed response, but thanks for your reply. Glad you're trying to extend the channel in a way that might connect with new peeps. And once they're into the full-length vids, they -- like us! -- will be hooked. You do good work, buddy! :-D

    • ​@EXCESSORIZE ME. IMO: I'm glad you're exploring new formats & it's fun to have these bite-sized video's but I feel they'd be more fitting on a platform like instagram or something similar. That way people can put on notifications, as they're more likely to check a 15sec video on their phone. As for youtube: I was always hyped for (mostly) thuesdays (in my timezone) to see a fine selection of +-15 items. Of course a lot more editing & fine-tuning goes into that (especially with the way you do your smooth transitions & hi-res audio-recording) so I get that it may be more taxing for a similar amount of views. Also: I'm sure I'm not the only one that has your yt linked to a text channel in my discord & now we're more likely to skip the vid alltogether (because we're busy or so) than toeven pin the message & watch the selection at the end of the day & have a convo about item x or y. :) this is just my exp. with it all, but it might be the same for someone else so I hope it's helpful feedback!

    • I feel you and appreciate the honest feedback. I’m very glad you enjoy the videos and the effort I put into curating them. I’m just running an experiment at the moment since I’ve got all this footage already. These are more of a trailer, seeing how much it entices others to move to the full video. I will be back to uploading longer form videos soon, a few in production now, so I appreciate y’all providing any sort of feedback while testing this!

  • we need a real video

  • Love all your videos!

  • 2nd

  • It's small, cute and awesome Will it be there in ur next edc?