Hearthstone Haptic Coin!

Publicado el 2 jul 2021
猸愶笍 Geez Hearthstone Haptic Coin - N/A
馃摵: Watch latest EDC video - esmain.info/goal/v-deo/ont9ac2bkLF0gsU


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  • Latest EDC Video - esmain.info/goal/v-deo/ont9ac2bkLF0gsU

  • What an odd AA chip.

  • From where ?? Pls

  • Where can we get this?

  • Give this product linke in description so that we can buy

  • Waiting for ur new video sir 馃グ馃憤

  • Still waiting on the mando/bounty hunter theme, what happened? haha

  • Awesome馃敟馃敟馃敟

  • Great adaptation, but I feel like it could be elevated with some brief voice overs

  • It's ok ones in while but not into the shorts

  • hate shorts, it's pointless. I skip them most of the time however I was curious about this one, and boy did it reaffirm why I shouldn't waste time clicking on any shorts on any of my subbed channels.

  • That is the heart of tefiti

  • Where can i buy one of these?!

  • You need the voiceover

  • Getting some real air bending/water bending vibes

  • You still need the voiceover

  • What's the point of the poll if you're not gonna follow it? If I recall correctly the No on Shorts won that poll.

    • @EXCESSORIZE ME. Oh no I'm sorry i didn't mean to be rude. I was just speaking my mind, anyways huge fan been here since forever. Take care Man.

    • Because a poll with a few thousand answers is not representative of the whole channel and it's feedback regardless. This doesn't mean I'll not do one or the other.

  • So dope!

  • I want something like this sooooo bad but can鈥檛 find any

  • That鈥檚 lovely dood !

  • I need some voice over

  • Where can I get this?

  • Everything I would want to know in 13 seconds. Thx.

  • Please post videos waiting desperately

  • These shorts are a nice supplement to your regular vids. And the ASMR is nice, but sometimes -- especially with something like this clicky, rhythmic fidget spinner -- it might be cool to have some fun musical backing that accents the item's sound. The voiceless element is good though, with full-frame focus on a single item. Nice job!

  • Love these too

  • Where can I buy this ?

  • Dood! That is NICE!

  • Just do original your thing, you can do this but at least voice over. Tho the ratio to this vs your original type of video is. 80 to 20. 80 is og style vids

  • Guys..this is good..we get extra content..even tho its short still..extra content..he still gonna upload his normal video..and with this short..he can make more subsriber in the future

  • I like the shorts, BUT, for the love of all the holiest of all holes, LINKS!!!

  • I play Hearthstone and I want this so bad

  • I need one of these-

  • Where could I buy one of these?

  • Okay so a Vibranium/Black panther EDC looks very very possible This is so cool!!

  • i'd rather have you created a new account for short videos

  • Hmmm is this a fan page

  • Shorts are OK, but I am ancient and conditioned to think of anything less than a 30 minute sit-com or a Super Sized Extra Value meal with Super Big Gulp is somehow cheating me. In all seriousness, I miss the dulcet tone of your voice so a little V/O would be nice. Also more info pertaining to where the featured item can be purchased would be great. Love the channel kudos for trying something different with Shorts

  • Nah man stick to your good old videos, they are what makes your chanel a great one!

  • Pls do a best backpack EDC

  • yay, shorts!

  • " Welcome to the Inn, friend! "

  • welcome to shorts :|

  • Running some tests with Shorts, let me know what you think! The goal would be to showcase single, interesting, and unique items I can't always include into larger videos. I'll also be cutting up larger videos into individual segments to reupload for those who may have missed the whole video, this gives them a reminder to check it out. More of this, less, voiceover, music, etc. what do you think?

    • Nah old syle better

    • These shorts are incredibly nice to supplement a main video or if you need a break due to burn out or sickness or anything else. I do think that some may need backing especially if they aren't clicky or a fidget toy, but the ASMR aesthetic is nice. I also think you could use these style on your second channel without any music or voice over to show off some of the main EDC collection as well, as these videos are nce and give a different feel from your main ones. Keep up the good work, I love these videos

    • Voice over! Voice over! Voice over!

    • The shorts are cool. And you use the item enough that I can tell what it does (Black Panther tool is 馃敟馃敟) It threw me not having voice, but I don't think you need it.

    • Voice overs definitely