Cyberpunk 2077 EDC (Everyday Carry) - What's In My Pockets Ep. 43

Publicado el 5 jun 2021
RhinoShield SolidSuit Cases -
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Even if you don't know what Cyberpunk 2077 is, just think of this as my EDC from the future. This pocket dump brings Everyday Carry that's like futuristic techwear-like gear you can pick up today in 2021!


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[ 0:00 ] Rate my hat between 1 - 13

🛠 EDC:

[ 0:39 ] 1. Samsonite x Google Jacquard Backpack -
[ 1:09 ] 2. Illumicyberwear Cyber Visor -
[ 1:47 ] 3. RLUX x QUICCS Custom Masks -
[ 2:11 ] 4. Rino Ready GRD-01 -
[ 3:09 ] 5. Machine56 MS-Bomber D2 Jacket -
[ 3:49 ] 6. TEC Accessories Embrite Patch -
[ 3:56 ] 7. RhinoShield SolidSuit Cases -
⬆️ Collab Designs -
[ 5:35 ] 8. RhinoShield Impact Screen Protector -
[ 6:21 ] 9. Soapstone Sanitizer -
[ 7:01 ] 10. Illumicyberwear ID Holder -
[ 7:45 ] 11. AOKU Keyfob 2.0 -
[ 8:16 ] 12. DSPTCH CapSnap -
[ 8:41 ] 13. Root Co Gravity Mag-Reel Lite -
[ 9:07 ] 14. Nite Ize LED Glowstick -
[ 9:20 ] 15. Damned Designs Shield Tool -
[ 9:58 ] 16. DSPTCH Unit Fidlock Pouch -
[ 10:11 ] 17. Cahp Tools Armored Panda -
[ 10:57 ] 18. Mackie RT Fidget Spinner -
[ 11:46 ] 19. Pfab Design Batuu Coins -
[ 12:27 ] 20. DSTPCH Y Connector -
[ 12:44 ] 21. DSTPCH Fidlock Sling Strap -
[ 13:18 ] 22. DSPTCH Camera Sleeve Case -
[ 13:33 ] 23. Dango A10 Adapt Wallet -
[ 13:59 ] 24. Dango Capsule Slide -
[ 14:38 ] 25. EDC arTIfacts Titanium Toothpicks -
[ 15:25 ] 26. Big Idea Design Bit Bar -
[ 16:51 ] 27. Big Idea Design EDC Wrench -
[ 17:29 ] 28. ORBITGear MOD-04 VX Small Pocket -
[ 18:00 ] 29. ASUS ROG STRIX Arion -
[ 18:57 ] 30. TISUR Belt Keychain Loop -
[ 19:08 ] 31. Mackie Lighter -
[ 19:45 ] 32. Kizer CyberBlade -

[ 20:47 ] What EDC theme should I do next?

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