Blackout Pouch EDC (Everyday Carry) - What's In My Pouch Ep. 1

Publicado el 7 nov 2021
This new Pouch EDC (Everyday Carry) series for 2021 will focus on what gear you can carry inside a single pouch you can take on-the-go. Let me know in the comments what pouches, themes, and products to check out as we start this new series together!


[ 0:00 ] Would you carry a EDC Pouch?


[ 0:15 ] 1. Arc Company Bolder Wallet -
[ 0:57 ] 2. Civivi Baby Banter -
[ 1:39 ] 3. Big Idea Design Mini Click Pen -
[ 1:59 ] 4. Trayvax Weatherproof Notebook -
[ 2:20 ] 5. Nakabayashi Magnetic Ruler -
[ 2:51 ] 6. Nexcare Waterproof Bandage -
[ 3:07 ] 7. Wet Ones Singles Wipes -
[ 3:50 ] 8. Tigird x Muyi Sonic Mecha Spinner Bead -
[ 4:16 ] 9. Tigird x Muyi Sonic Waves Slider -
[ 4:48 ] 10. Lumintop Tool AAA Flashlight -

[ 5:16 ] Comment what pouch I should do next!

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    • What brand and model the watch you are wearing?

    • When are you gonna do the mandolorian edc

    • Ever try the knipex 5 inch plyers /wrench is it legit or junk? Any thoughts? Semper Fi Gunny

  • "And reaches a total length of 15 cm, but for majority of you, folded up is more than enough" What do you mean by that 😭

  • Another one ☝️

  • Please find an EDC card holder that attaches to your backpack shoulder strap for an easy stress free access to your card (ie subway/transit cards)


  • As a adhd homie who is also a maximist. I fucking appreciate this edc kit lol

  • Omg I love these videos … I love to see you also carry your switch. Next video would be great about the Nintendo switch. Best accessories or gadgets

  • Baby banter is so good.

  • The watch please! 🙏🏽

  • Maxpedition micro please and some of those lovely pocket organisers from hitch and timber!

  • Bro, we need more content

  • Can your next vid be a tsa approved edc??

  • Let’s check it ouuut *throws cat*

  • Any chance of a hot desk vid? We don't have a set desk at work any more so I can't keep my stuff on my desk any more.

  • Really looking forward to the new series! I think the pouch/ wallet edc is super practical for the everyday person. Would also love to see a favourite products of 2021 (product released in 2021 only)style video as were nearing the end of the year. Budget Vs baller EDCs could also be kinda cool.

  • Has he done a AirPods max video yet

  • Build a cheap and affordable edc as some things in these lists are more expensive, sick vids, I'm addicted

  • Absolutely love your presentation of this pouch!

  • Day 1 of asking for a mandalorian edc

  • love that ACG wear.

  • Can you make a James Bond 007 edc

  • Yep this series gonna be good

  • Where’s the og condom? Lol

  • PLEASE cut your nails on your small fingers

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  • Loved this definitely make more

  • You should do an edc for people on a budget

  • Try the O light min torches!

  • Coca-Cola EDC we need it

  • love all the videos! I mostly have black or whiteout gear but have started towards clear/transparent edc. super hard to find. sure would like to see a shopping haul of clear gear

  • got a bolder and a tool aaa from watching this, man your videos are expensive :)

  • Ep. 2 PLEASE

  • Yes, another pouch video. Also, a Holiday buying guide.

  • I really like this series looking forward to the next video!

  • Do more themed pouch carries. :) Colors/gear mixing it up would be great for future vids! Love the content!

  • I carry #Dudewipes instead of the Wetones & fold small zip ties in half, ear plugs, Chap stick, spare battery. I enjoy your videos, thanks.

  • More of this

  • Moist

  • am I the only one that understood that 2:45

  • nobody is gonna talk about that subtle joke at 2:45

  • Can we get a Nike themed EDC?

  • I really like this! Punches always intrigueue me and seeing different puches/what you can put into them (I like how you have themes with yours) is really helpfuL!

  • The pick is good. But the ADHD move is really not something to appreciate for me. Annoying as f. Sorry bro, no offense.

  • Yes to more episodes

  • Everyday carry? Nah, lets see an Every Night Carry

  • How about Best Accessories for Apple Watch SE and Series 7?!

  • Finally something not apple centric

  • Yes you should do episode 2 for sure

  • For a better flashlight option, check out the Streamlight Microlight (or Macrolight), USB version. Nice and small, bright, and rechargeable.

  • Definitely do more of these! 10/10

  • dOPE sERIES ☑️

  • Why are you always drawing a shaft smh

  • I’ll be impressed if you share a good option that includes AirPods. They work great to carry loose - I don’t want to add bulky protective cases. But putting them in the same pocket as any wallet gets a little awkward.

    • Try the Edge case from Arc company. Seems like that might fit your need. Includes a spot for air pods.

  • I don’t know what it is about this video but it feels even more polished than your other videos. Loving the content as always :D


  • I liked it 👍🏻

  • I always carry a Victorinox Swiss Card lite in my compact wallet. Has a pen, ruler, light, box opener, scissors, small magnifying glass. Might save you some more space. Fits where ever you can fit 3 creditcards

  • this is dope !!! Love it, keep it going

  • Definitely a great idea for a series! If you're talking EDC pouches you gots to include Yellow Birch Outfitters. They come in several configurations. I own a few and carry at least one all the time.

  • Yes, waiting for seconds.

  • Any way to get these pouches in India without additional duties and tax

  • I know this is probably just me, but does it bother anyone else when he scratches everything with his nails? Drives me crazy lol

  • All I need -- more things I didn't know existed that now I want to buy ;-)

  • Watch name please

  • Liked it, do whatever you feel like doing for the next video, there all fun.

  • love

  • I like it some time you just need to do something quick and simple edc on the go.

  • Love this series. Please do more. :)

  • as a notorious #pouchboiz member you know im all about it. i dig this pouch, but no velcro loop for the patches. the bb banter is an amazing knaf. definitely a new favorite. keep up the good work!

  • Love stuff like this! Please do an episode 2!

  • what sane person uses paper notebooks to take notes on-the-go in 2021 wtf ahahahahah

  • Is there a folding ruler for people from the Congo?...

  • The Bolder is one of favourite bits of kit. I carry a Fisher space pen and Streamlight microstream in the smaller front pocket and a beard comb in the larger. A Victorinox Classic SD and Victorinox nail clippers in the small internal pocket. A couple of plasters in the internal sleeve and my bank card and driver’s license in the back card sleeve.

  • Do a duffle bag for a change. Doing some packing tips wouldn't hurt too.

  • I think you should continue the pocket series

  • The second layer out was cool 🔥

  • The lumitop tool AAA is an outstanding flashlight. Would highly recommend for edc.

  • I like the series so far. Keep going

  • Some sort of Aramid Fibre/Carbon Fibre pouch would be pretty cool!

  • Brilliant. Yes please. Do more of these.

  • I really like the series

  • I like the series idea, i look forward to seeing the different pouches/wallets and various EDC set ups you have for something I actually kind of consider minimal style carry

  • Great video man! I have an idea if you could make a video of gear for food delivery. I know it can dangerous and was wondering what you would use. Thank you!

  • This was an awesome video! I would love to see more like this.

  • Well I was digging the pen….then I saw the price lol. Just sticking with the mini space pen I guess

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  • Anyone know what model that gshock is?

  • Garage Built Gear Mighty Pouch + EDC Load-out. I would love to see if you can snag one of these and what you would put in it.

  • We’re still on fidget toys?! The flash light is the only useful thing in the second set.

  • You should do a Magsafe desk accessories, like desk chargers, 3 in 1 magsafe, etc. Less mobile, more home/office magsafe stuff


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  • Arc company is awesome. I have several of his products. Keep doing what’s in my pouch.

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  • i love these videos but the way he throws everything around makes me very uncomfy for some reason lol