Blackout Gameboy EDC!

Publicado el 5 jul 2021
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  • So

  • Technically 3 buttons

  • Thats cool!

  • Game boy advance???

  • How did you get that EXCESSORIZE ME game boy cartridge

  • or you can justget an anbernic rg351v which is better for less

  • Nice!

  • So is this a GBC with an IPS?

  • me: expecting to be a full video. **I didn't noticed it was a short vid**

  • We're glad you got it! A little gift for making awesome content, keep it up!

  • Do they sell those?

  • He said nothing about if or how it works, too short and explained nothing

  • can u pls do leather edc

  • What's up with the short videos? #EDCJones!

  • So do they sell these or are they just like one offs?

  • Please add long videos and stop short videos

  • So you're going to run LSDJ on that right?

  • I think maybe shorts like this could be better on a separate channel? I wish ESmain had a way to make it so creators could have a videos section and a shorts section

  • I love it

  • Rechargable battery?

    • Wouldn’t be a real Gameboy if it didn’t take AA batteries.

  • This short contents is good for TikTok and IG I was expecting more

    • Wtf is wrong with your complaining arses? It's a great short.

    • @opticalserenity chillllllll

    • yeah, wtf is this garbage? Make a short video and post it everywhere cause it's lazy. It should at least say #shorts in the title so we know to avoid this junk.

    • Same

    • Testing both, sorry it didn’t hit it for you!

  • Amazing!

  • I found a working red gameboy color at goodwill, I played tf outta the gameboy advanced tho that I'd customize

    • Same but with a DS lite

  • where do you buy it?

  • try making videos

  • 😲

  • No explanation as to how to get one? Nice..

  • Glad to see you giving shorts a try keep up the good work

  • This is sick!!!!

  • Bro you have to have a Gameboy Color for them to customize your stuff

  • They misplaced the period in EXCESSORIZE ME.

  • Brings me back those days

  • Wow! Looks awesome 🤩

  • Really big fan btw 🙃

  • 🤩 loved it

  • hi

  • So new blackout edc coming soon?

  • nice

  • Okay this is cool