Best Travel Tech/Accessories - 2021

Publicado el 13 oct 2021
⭐️ FEATURED: Carl Friedrik Carry-On -
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It's finally time to travel in 2021, so here are some of the best travel accessories to take with you, whether in your carry-on or just in your pocket. This travel gear in 2021 is great for men or women and includes tech, pouches, and a little surprise accessory too!


[ 0:00 ] What's your go-to travel accessory?


[ 0:18 ] 1. Carl Friedrik Carry-On -
⬆️ SAVE 15%, USE CODE: EM15
[ 3:21 ] 2. Ostrich Pillow Hood -
[ 4:26 ] 3. Side by Side -
[ 5:54 ] 4. Brown Buffalo CobraSleepers -
[ 6:41 ] 5. Anker PowerCore Fusion 10000 -
[ 7:35 ] 6. Aurelle Toob Brush -
[ 8:20 ] 7. MOFT Magic Wrapper -

[ 9:32 ] What theme should I do next?

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  • What theme should I do next?! ➡️ WATCH NEXT: Best iPhone 13 Accessories - ⭐️ FEATURED: Carl Friedrik Carry-On - ⬆️ SAVE 15%, USE CODE: EM15 ⚠️ EXPIRES IN 1 MONTH

    • warcore, edc, techwear.

    • @Cryptanic red

    • There are a lot of things I could list out, but two things at the top of my list that should totally be in a future video are the "Romoss Powershell" (which I have had long before magsafe was a thing) and the "Myke card (key holder)"

    • Just a Halloween-inspired idea: how about a "Zombie Apocalypse"/emergency go-bag collection? Could be fun... and potentially useful. 😳

    • A NINJA EDC!

  • What is the Tablet keyboard/cover you are using in this video?

  • Whats that green box at 4:50? Is that a small bluetooth speaker?

  • I thought you lived in a suburb

  • I know plenty of ppl who have those tsa keys and aren’t tsa, don’t get overconfident about your bags “security”

  • Breaking news: his downstairs neighbours are moving out.

  • @Excessorize me. Perhaps you already covered it but I wasn't able to find it in previous videos, which tablet keyboard/cover are you using at 3:53 ?? Much thanks!

  • ALL of this list is on point!

  • Wait! Are you telling me that, after just 10-15 years, we are now finding out that switching from locks to zippers was a terrible idea? Who would have guessed.

  • You’re always showing great accessories Zi didn’t know existed! 👏

  • What accessories do you need to use an EUC :))))

  • Thanks for the video, used the coupon code for the Carl Friedrik Carry-On!!

  • Anyone know what the item was at 4:50?

    • @nsgaminobrian Thank you!

    • Found it! "Muzen Wild Mini Portable Rugged Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker"

  • A charger

  • I've always wondered who the Nintendo Switch is for. Like I definitely don't know anyone in my age group/generation that owns one. They definitely seem like a Generation Z/Millennial system. I say that because when you get to your mid/late 30' don't have time to play Video Games that you would take with you (or in general). Also obviously at my age, I'm well over a decade past graduating college, so wouldn't take it to school. But ya, I don't think it's very interesting at all, it seems super gimmicky and the last Nintendo system I owned was IN College when I lived in a condo with my 2 bestfriends from High School (that also went to Cal State Fullerton). We would play it with our girlfriends and stay up all night drinking/doing yay lol..then go to school and/or work the next day. It was the first video game system that I had a girlfriend actually like, and I think that went for all of us. Before that (2006) it was almost unheard of in fact you definitely went out of your way to hide the fact that YOU played them haha. It's funny that kids these days are under the impression games were always accepted. In the 90's especially you were a HUGE nerd if you played any video games, regardless what they were.

  • The MOFT magic wrapper has just disappeared from their website! Wonder what happened.

  • Nintendo switch

  • Must have a Lectrofan wherever I go.

  • No type C, no buy.

  • ASMR was mostly fine, but some of it was just unbearable (main one being the scratching of the luggage at the beginning). Couldn’t get through the video, though I liked what I saw ignoring the noise.

  • bose qc 35s are a must-have for every holiday.

  • 3:56 how’s the visibility? Considering getting this for my next bank heist

  • B

  • nice video but you should test with full fill suitcase because our suitcase is full while traveling as hell :)

  • I recently bought the Anker battery pack charger before this video and I can say it definitely replaced all my battery packs and wall plugs


  • I think you should make a video about all the favourite products you’ve shown so far. Definitely gotta put the muzen wild mini speaker in there, I noticed you put on in your side by side pouch, but I don’t recognize the other 3 things you throwed in there in that shot, what where they?

  • Dude as an airline pilot you channel has made traveling for work sooooo easy. Every time I have an issue you have the solution!

  • New Era made thar ostrich hoodies too!!! Long time ago =/ wish you would give then a shout out...

  • There are a lot of things I could list out, but two things at the top of my list that should totally be in a future video are the "Romoss Powershell" (which I have had long before magsafe was a thing) and the "Myke card (key holder)"

  • Are you going to make a guide for gifts for last quarter of 2021?

  • Do a Ninja/Shinobi EDC

  • First item doesn't look like a common man's travel essential, more like a video made for ceos and celebrities 😅 500 euros for a freakin bag? Yes Sir, only if I am carrying gold bricks

  • Kinda dumb how the suitcase has TSA locks, just watched the lock picking lawyers video and you can get a master key and open all of them

    • TSA locks are made to be easy to open so they don’t cut or break your bag open. They are to stop opportunistic thieves and pickpockets, they aren’t supposed to be a high security solution.

  • Vallahi green theme

  • Hi what is that tech tool ( greenish square box ) at 4:50 ?

    • Found it! "Muzen Wild Mini Portable Rugged Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker"

  • Please do a 3d printed edc

  • I like that toothbrush

  • Hi Excessorize, How many different pairs of socks did you use for this video though? :)

  • Another 🔥video. A H🎃lloween theme for October next?

  • Another setup tour

  • F you I just bought everything 😂

  • powerbank!

  • Bread 🍞

  • Portable hoodie? Or neck gaiter with hood?

  • How many different pairs of socks did you use for this video though?

  • I'm 6' 3" and weigh 320 pounds and have been told that I bear a striking resemblance to a heavier version of Vincent D'Onofrio's Private Gomer Pyle in "Full Metal Jacket," so I wear my hair in a tight crew cut in tribute to that cinematic icon. My standard outfit for traveling by air consists of a sleeveless baggy and comfortable gray onesie with no pockets, which could perhaps be described as somewhat "clown suitish," particularly as it has a nice circular collar at the neck opening. Over this I wear a large safari vest with multiple pockets and pouches into which I stuff all of my toiletries, wallet, phone, change of underwear, reading material, glasses, etc. etc. I throw this on the conveyor belt when going through security and remove my shoes (usually comfortable loafer type size 13 bedroom slippers and no socks). With no belt, and literally nothing but me and the baggie onesie and underwear (if I chose to wear it that day), TSA personnel have been known to reward me with everything from pleasant warm smiles to coins which other more harried travelers left behind in the baskets. No carry-on luggage - just the vest. As soon as we're airborne and the Fasten Seat Belt sign has been turned off, i usually remove my shoes and treat myself to a nice sardine sandwich with garlic mustardand a hard boiled egg which I brought on board tucked away in a special pocket of the vest which I line with wax paper. If I get bored during the flight, I usually try to do something productive, such as clipping my toenails or using the seatback in front of me to do some isometric knee exercises. 😁😁😁

  • Also the TSA locks

  • Make james bond edc ❤️

  • That luggage is really not that expensive in all honesty. If you are in the market, great investment.

  • I love the charging brick battery bank! Such a great idea!

  • That luggage needs to have USB C connections since the EU is made a regulation that all manufactures needs to agree on one type of charging cable. The toothbrush needs to have replaceable heads on them. I did not catch if they did in your video. Great video. The slippers would be great if they had more of an Asian design with a back heel incorporated, I do not walk as well in flip flop style shoes with no back strap.

  • You should do a gamer theme one like with PS4, Xbox, and ft. A lot of razer too I'm just such a big fan and want to up my game carries. Love the videos I watch all of them and wish I can live the life you have with try so many products. Especially thanks for getting me into fidget toys now lol

  • my laptop is my babby#

  • Salomon shoes 👟 for the quick lace

  • The power fusion is my favorite piece of tech

  • Carl Friedrik is great stuff, but it's for rich people :)

  • 8:20 wait where is the review of the roav sunglassess?

  • Winter is coming EDC

  • that suitcase kinda looks like a rimowa “knock off”

  • I amazon all of the stuff you feature over a couple of episode and about 80% of the crap you push averge below 70% on amazon reviews. Mate, are you just a professional shill? That tiny bottle opener, wtf, why in good conscience would you ever even give something like that a go? SHAME on you mate, oh wait, you don't have any shame. The matador "towel", that brand uses the stuff that skydivers use, last I check, none of that is absorbant nor would anyone call that a towel. What is wrong with you? You don't HAVE to show everything you get or at least say don't get this it's a waste of time- oh wait, no shame, right. Shill on mate.

  • Solid tips! Our favorite is the reverse move-community's always keeping us on our toes. 😂

  • +1 but ! en français (in french :): Il faut essayer avec du poids pour vraiment voir si ça va casser ! :p

  • Bro can we get a purple edc 💜

  • incredible skills and great video🤩! Subscription safe! Please drop by at my place 🙏🏻

  • What’s the link for the yellow luggage with the “difficulty “ zipper? That one was 🔥.

  • I am 100% copping that toothbrush. No more ziplock baggy toothbrush and crusty old mini toothpaste travel pack for me 😂

  • I wish ESmain had a super like cuz this deserves way more

  • Back to the office theme….

  • Wandering around in this guy's house would be heaven for someone with ADHD

    • Hell yeah

  • My guy had a SUITCASE and still went with "I rest my toothbrush"....

  • Camping theme ? Leather n brass theme ?

  • Wtf? That moft thing is f*cking unreal!

  • It is a vulgar waste of money you chucking that expensive case around! clearly gifted or else you have got more £$ than you know what to do with ... probably the former!

    • It is still vulgar! the amount of cash that expensive piece of kit! people can't afford food yet you are smashing up a lovely case that people would LOVE to be able to afford! why not take it on a couple of trips to show genuine wear and tear ??

    • Pretty clear the video is sponsored by them.

  • ♥️

  • Top 10 or 5 field , dive , tactical & doomsday watches

  • My Identification

  • Black and blue EDC

  • No link for your green T-shirt?

  • So you had the Roav glasses but didn’t feature them…🤨

  • Nice video as usual! Where did you get the black Toob? I only find it in blue.

  • Maybe test after filling next time?

  • So hoodie is cheaper than the ostrich pillow hoodie and does the same thing with more customization options

  • Get a hold of ur adhd or something man idk why u have to grab every item so weirdly

  • Hi bro! Ive followed you for awhile, saw you with alot of Nike stuff. Could you showcase your Nike Essentials? And apparels?

  • That toothbrush is dope

  • the most useless one i have seen in a while, feels like running out of interesting/useful accessories

  • Thanks for this! What keyboard is that with MacBook?

  • smart phone

  • How about a high school EDC video

  • Hey man I love your work but do a android theme We feel left out

  • The suit case is only 5 hour dollars definitely not a lot right guys 🥴

  • great video, do a camping/hiking gear next!

  • Can you please do a backpack video with the best backpacks

  • who gave this 56 dislikes? great video.

  • What a fun theme. Loved it. I getting that toothbrush! Thanks for the creative videos and cool finds.

  • Would love to see your editing process & workflow… amazing

    • mate you're on youtube, I bet there's 100 tutorials from people who make better videos and love to teach. Use this dude to buy $10 tiny bottle openers that don't work, to buy crap that doesn't break the 70% review average on amazon, or to buy a £22 tiny plastic water bottle because why drink out of a regular plastic bottle when you can spend money on one that costs 20 times more! fun!

    • Like a magician he will never tell

  • You sure know how to abuse your wood floors.

  • My phone

  • Mobile work station ?