Best Summer EDC/Tech Accessories - 2021

Publicado el 30 jul 2021
What Everyday Carry (EDC) or tech accessories are you carrying? I've got the LARQ self-cleaning bottle (yes, the same one from Shark Tank!) and a few other accessory ideas for your next summer shopping haul in 2021. This includes one of the best water bottles, my favorite waterproof speaker, and the best summer backpack I'd even consider one of the best back-to-school bag.

➡️ LARQ Purevis Bottle -
➡️ LARQ Movement Bottle -
➡️ LARQ Active Loop -

➡️ WATCH NEXT: Best iPhone 13 Accessories -


[ 0:00 ] What's your favorite summer accessory?


[ 0:14 ] 1. Muzen Wild Mini Speaker -
[ 1:53 ] 2. LARQ Purevis Bottle -
[ 3:15 ] 3. LARQ Movement Bottle -
[ 3:44 ] 4. LARQ Active Loop -
[ 4:21 ] 5. NoSweat Hat Liner -
[ 5:43 ] 6. Helinox Origami Tote -
[ 6:56 ] 7. Able Carry Thirteen Daybag -
[ 9:19 ] 8. Alpaka Hub Keychain -
[ 10:11 ] 9. Go.c Sanitizer Dispenser -
[ 10:43 ] 10. Hydro Flask Packable Bottle Sling -

[ 11:36 ] What theme should I do next?

⚠️ DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and complete a purchase, I may receive a small commission.


This video is sponsored by LARQ. All opinions expressed are based on my own experience.








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    • Can you please do a cowboy theme please

    • We are starting school 😁😂

    • Kingsman edc pls pls it will be so cool

    • Muzen bt speaker cost 13k plus here in 🇵🇭 so expensive😂

  • That hand sanitizer bottle is amazing. Thanks for the introduction.

  • We all know this guy will be the best dad ever.

  • 1

  • This tote bag really peaked my interest. I cannot say enough good things about Helinox. Their chairs, which they are most known for, are „the bomb“. They may look flimsy, but they sure as hell aren’t. Even at my heaviest (270+ lbs, which is long gone thankfully) the Sunset model held up brilliantly. Even at a music festival, which is a real challenge that has claimed whole armies of camping chairs.

  • Do a fall EDC!

  • I really want to see an edc geared towards us parcel delivery drivers lol. I’m out of ideas and tired of throwing random stuff into my backpack

  • the no sweat hat liner is awesome!!!

  • 4:30 mmmmm........ thats silica gel

  • ​ @EXCESSORIZE ME. can you attach the go.c sanitizer onto the strap of a sling like the city sling from aer? or does it being at a angle cause it not to dispense im not that cool yet to attach it to my belt

  • btw IPX5 is not rated for submersion. it means it can get sprayed with water so absolutely do not take that speaker swimming or submerge it even cause the chances are it ain't surviving

  • Can you stop beating the gadgets? 😂😂😂😂

  • He always has his "Daily essentials"

  • Don't bother wasting your money on the Larq bottle. The first unit I purchased was flashing red and had become useless after one year. I received a replacement cap which is supposedly better but the button doesn't work and when I reached out to them about the replacement unit being faulty too, they said they couldn't do anything about it as I was past my one year limited warranty from the original purchase date. Expect to purchase the Larq bottle cap every year, a subscription water bottle basically.....

  • What kind of case does he have on his phone?

  • Impressive, the only thing I wouldn't personally rock is the lube dispenser on the belt...I hide mine under my cap

  • a panty liner for caps :o

  • Does anyone know what the Yeti product is attached to the bag strap? (hand sanitizer attached) TY!

  • Dawg, who is Olivia Rodriguez🤣

  • That 0.1 percent of germs in the bottle *germ “mommy daddy “

  • What stinks is that the majority of the stuff you are featuring is super expensive. Like I can’t legitimately justify 95.00 for a water bottle regardless of its features

  • Best summer accessories thumbnail... 🍭 lollipops, yeah I'm going to stuff my fucking pants with lollipops my guy.. don't forget, sunscreen for 4 lube, and the other dorky junk pictured...gtfo here

  • 7:02 ugh 😬

  • Going from a water bottle wis whose company even donates to reduce being wasteful to a one time use forehead diaper…nice

  • do game themes.....I have no idea

  • 6:56 -> If you remove the talk, it becomes a good ASMR

  • As a citizen in Denmark, the larq bottle is just useless to me

  • Military edc

  • But does the water bottle make the water taste like metallic?

  • The LARQ still using MicroUSB is outrageous.

  • This dude showing a waterbottle that costs 110$ like its cheap

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  • 1:04 EWWW Micro usb!

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  • Wow that hat liner is wasteful. Get a bandana or headband.

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  • What do you mean? Why would you drink less in public to avoid public washrooms🤣 hydration is key regardless. Just find a secluded bush or something Jesus, why risk personal health?

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  • do: an all copper or all brass. One brand only Baller Glow in the dark Food related

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  • I need a clear water bottle for school any suggestions

  • Are you working on a back to school one, maybe directed towards high school???

  • Can't wait for the back to school edc for my junior year to waste my paychecks

  • What case do you use in 35 seconds?


  • I love your dbrand skin make a video about all the skins you have and how it looks

  • Olivia Rodriguez

  • make another back to school list!

  • 8:42 where can i get that phone skin. I NEED that.

  • So it’s like a pad for your hat LOL

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  • lmao 1% of proceeds

  • I'm off to university in 5 weeks, what are the odds we could get a uni themed EDC?

  • The position of the zippers in that bag are going to scratch the fuck out of your laptop

  • Holy shit are people really dumb enough to believe a tiny purple led is anywhere near bright enough to have any effect whatsoever on the quality of drinking water? People are going to die if they think they can purify water in that thing.

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  • Hey @LARQ want to give me an affiliate link?!

    • Reach out to our team at!

  • These videos give me anxiety.

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  • Whilst you Americans bask in the sun, me, an Aussie is freezing my nuts off.

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    • It's getting warm in Australia so this works out for us.

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  • Your verbal review is clear and concise. Your visual style, leaves a lot to be desired. I truly can't see the product without pausing the video. Your jerky handling of the product and rapid MTV style cuts aren't doing you any favors. Your slapping/scratching of the product just bounces the table and gets the camera out of focus. And this is a review, not an ASMR video. If I have to pause and rewind, you failed as a reviewer.

  • It’s so annoying you repeat the same things every time nothing new …

  • I know about the UVC technology but I didn't really believe that this bottle could actually do it(many companies use a weak UVC beams) but according to their site. They are certified, though there isn't a direct quote from any of the organizations but their video test comparing growth to a regular bottle shows it. So you are really paying for the r&d which is good! I do want to see a lab to show their findings.

    • Hello! We do have independent lab reports on our site here: Feel free to DM us too!

  • After a Long Time Brother Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • Suggestions Top Fanny packs Top wallets Top desktop accessories Top belts

  • Hate disposable things, pollution just because it's convenient :/

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  • That rear pocket is for your firearm

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  • should I buy apple or Samsung next year in 2022 as I’m upgrading from my iPhone se 2020

  • Cool water bottle. But $95 is absurd! But for some reason I would get it as a gift for someone else before I bought it for myself lol