BEST MagSafe Battery?! - Apple MagSafe Battery Pack - Review

Publicado el 22 jul 2021
Is this the best MagSafe accessory that Apple has released for the iPhone 12? Personally, yeah. The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack may cost more, charge slower, and have a smaller capacity than the others but it offers way more useful features that make using the battery much more enjoyable! What power bank are you rocking?


- Apple MagSafe Battery -
- Apple Silicone Case -
- dbrand Grip Case -
- Nomad Leather Cover -
- dbrand Grip Case for AirPods Pro -
- Nomad Card Wallet -
- Anker PowerCore 5k MagSafe Charger -
- PopSockets -

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  • What should I review next?!

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    • Looking for a good but decently priced MagSafe charging dock.

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  • 3:29 my boy is from toronto

  • I knew it was good but you convinced me to actually consider it down the road

  • I had no idea that you are Canadian until I saw that Presto card in your wallet! 馃槀

  • That battery is too expensive for what it does, I went with the Ravpower 5000mah ultra light MagSafe battery bank

  • Bought Anker and put a oh Snap at the back

  • 100% Apple-Fanboy accessory

  • Wow! The best review on this topic in many I have seen! Well done!!

  • Bought 5 Apple Battery Packs, gave 4 of them away perfect as gifts for family and friends who have the iPhone 12 lines!

  • overpriced shit

  • You really don鈥檛 need to keep throwing things around.

  • Caught those Nomad mentions. Definitely love the Nomad rugged leather cases.. ended up buying the brown and black.

  • I love it

  • Hi fantastic video I received my apple 馃崕 MagSafe today it on the charger how do I no when the battery 馃攱 is full dose it go green or other color thanks

  • One important point is that only the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack will put the iPhone into lower power state like when it's connected to a normal MagSafe charger. That's why the charge you get on this lasts longer while other packs do nothing to the power state.

  • I hate how it slides side to side I wish it would stay still..

  • This guy is simply the best. Informative and entertaining.

  • Does it work with puro iPhone 12 case? (Search it up on google if you want to see how it looks)

  • I have the Anker one and it really doesn鈥檛 get hot. Fkk the Apple one. Paid 1,2k for a phone already hahaha

  • joker(green and purple) please!!!!!

  • The Apple battery pack is the scam of the century! 109$ for not even 2000mA and a calamity that It comes away to the first breath of wind! Ridiculous product like all those who will queue to have every nonsense stuff that Apple does!

  • Great review! Not to sneak off topic, but what wallet was that?

  • I was about to return mine, but I like it. Charges my AirPods and gives me enough juice for the times that I am running out of battery on the 12.

  • This MagSafe is the worst. That shit can鈥檛 even full your phone 70% Don鈥檛 listen to that guy That shit not worth $100

  • Just bought it lol

  • I wouldn鈥檛 get it for a simple fact that I have a pacific blue iPhone 12 max Pro. It鈥檚 slightly triggering that the wallet is not close to this type of blue 馃ゲ

  • I am almost certainly going to pick this up in a few weeks.

  • The fact the Apple one can鈥檛 fully charge the phone is a deal breaker. Pretty sure not charging fully damages the phone battery?

    • Constantly fully charging hurts the battery more in the long run.

  • Have you heard of Rjust cases?

  • You should do a Wild West edc

  • Please review anime fidget toys

  • Can you charge two phones at the same time if you plug in a MagSafe in the MagSafe battery?

  • I may stick an airtag on the back instead.

  • What a brilliant video. Visually, information and entertaining.

  • Can you do a vid on cool and fun safes?

  • The price is too high for what it does offer and also the capacity what?

  • This is by far the most distracting infuriating editing style I鈥檝e ever seen I鈥檇 rather gouge my eyeballs out than watch another minute

  • Thanks for the upload, please try to upload more. 馃檹馃檮

  • Lol I miss seeing you through things around hahaha awesome man.

  • Bro Apple needs to stop disrespecting us. They have a beautiful product that can鈥檛 charge a 12 max fully why Apple why

  • 3:45 U don't treat ur apple product like a baby any way

  • The worst $100 you can spend @ apple MagSafe battery pack

  • Can you please do a Teenage mutant ninja turtle accessories video please

  • Day 1 of requesting a student edc, not back to school, not college edc, school student edc

  • @EXCESSORIZEME You can charge your AirPods with this as well

  • I wouldn鈥檛 buy it because it鈥檚 100$

  • I wouldn鈥檛 cause it鈥檚 doesn鈥檛 come in black鈥

  • because it's super chunky.... and it will not fit the same with the max so..... yeah bro

  • Way to go Apple for marketing nfc as your own thing.. much like their speaker this will fade into nothing over time

  • Amazing review. You really beat the crap out of your gadgets, don't you? LOL

  • That moveable bottom part not magnetically secured is a deal-breaker am afraid...

  • I haven鈥檛 bought it, or any battery charger because running out of juice isn鈥檛 a problem I run into鈥. I have chargers everywhere at home, and in the car, and anywhere else I end up going. So it鈥檚 never an issue.

  • we missed you

  • I challenge you to do EDC around the Avatar - Elements/Nations ( Color coded of course)

  • Please post video regularly

  • You kinda made me decide that I should get this magsafe battery pack now. hahaha

  • Ok, we have a slim, lightweight smartphone. Let's attach an external battery to it, to which we'll attach a PopSocket, what can go wrong? You can attach some other EDC to PopSocket. This whole design can only be carried in a bag or backpack.

  • Since long time after, we are waiting for your EDC carry

  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • All those nomad skins鈥.. beauty.

  • You got the link for Apple silicon case wrong. 馃憤


  • More samsung accessories!!!

  • Magsafe cases with actually good magnets

  • Haha I luv the comment tight af jeans!! Hahaha

  • Good video. I鈥檓 with you on this one.

  • No pude evitar terminar con un poco de ansiedad despu茅s de ver c贸mo tiraba todo 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檪锔忦煠︷煆烩嶁檪锔

  • the apple magsafe battery does not have an outer magnet so you can't attach magsafe accessories like a magnetic popsocket mount or magsafe phone mount or a magsafe stand but rather remove it to use other accessories. more crap. i wouldn't use a popsocket on it because it doesn't lay flat. the only useful popsocket for these apple iphones is the one attached to a magsafe magnetic adapter so it's not permanently stuck there because otherwise it's in the way from other functionality.

    • I would take the added grip over my phone laying flat any day.

  • Made some damn good arguments as to why this is still worth getting.

  • Awesome videos sorry I鈥檓 sooo late

  • Awesome possum -- and I don't even have an iPhone. That proprietary Apple software-hardware control really gives them an edge in developing spiffy accessories/features. (Ambushed Muldoon whispers, "Clever girl!") And it was GREAT to see you back in action with your typically stellar presentation style... and that vintage iPod, too! God, that brings back a flood of happy memories (and involuntary OCD flinches remembering trying to avoid scratching the back). Anyway.... Great vid, hermano. 馃憤馃槑馃憤馃槑

  • Why is my MagSafe battery pack not charging my iPhone it says it鈥檚 charging but the battery is still draining. Do I need to let the phone sit without using it for it to charge?

    • @Douglas Brittain yeah I have that on but I mean like charging just in general like when it鈥檚 at 50 percent and it won鈥檛 go up when I鈥檓 using my phone it will actually lose percentage it鈥檚 weird. Maybe I need a software update

    • Do you have optimized battery charging enabled in settings? Sometimes that will cause the battery on the phone to stop charging when it reaches certain percentage rates.

  • Ouch!

  • The video is fine, but it's really annoying how he tosses things around.

    • No defense is needed here, but I'm reminded of the immortal *Spies Like Us*: "We mock what we don't understand. --Yeah."

  • One thing some people are missing is that this will be future proof.. so you'll be using it with new iphones, maybe ipads? airpods..

    • @Douglas Brittain Captain鈥︹.

    • But you know what batteries do over time. They get less power as they age. Still should be good though.

  • Is not meant to be a "fast charging " option..!!!

  • Yo u need to make better videos like u used to

  • Fantastic review! I did not know that you can wirelessly charge pretty much 15w while its plugged in! This thing is awesome! Definitely keeping it since mine just came in today! 1,000th like btw lol

  • Ayyy! you鈥檙e back!

  • can see a clear vision of portless iphone

  • Can i use it for my 11 pro max?

  • so the 90% charging thing, to maybe reduce heat build up in the iphone, is only a feature of Apple's magsafe battery pack or also with Anker's one?

    • My understanding is that with the Apple MagSafe charger is that when it鈥檚 working it will optimize usage while when using other battery packs the phone will think it is being charged like it is being plugged into the wall causing background activities such as backups and other things which will use even more battery

    • I'm only aware of the Apple battery doing so. Others will continuously try and charge up to 100% which may cause overheating.

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  • This guy is so cute.

  • How did you know which jeans I'm wearing?

  • If only, it came in black!

  • But it doesn't charge the apple watch right?

  • I was wondering about this battery! 馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎

  • 馃憥馃憥馃憥

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  • My favourite youtuber

  • Where you get that Damascus skin!!!!!!!馃憖馃憖馃憖

  • I think only apple owners need power banks

    • Do you even know world鈥檚 best flagship phone in battery life is the 12 Pro Max right now? D眉nyan谋n en iyi pil 枚mr眉ne sahip amiral cihaz谋 艧u an bu yorumu yazd谋臒谋m 12 Pro Max鈥檇e yaln谋z milletten duydu臒unuz laflarla konu艧may谋n :)

  • Thank you very much for posting a new video. Before this video I didn't even knew that there is any apple mag safe wireless charger out there.馃槀馃槀

  • he dropped his phone. im crying

  • I would not buy the Apple MagSafe Battery. PERIOD. I use Android 馃槄

  • I see your MagSafe charger has got some battle scars from that level-one puzzle 馃З And what's that case on the puck?