A Tiny Blackout EDC Blade!

Publicado el 6 jul 2021
⭐️ Civivi Ostap Hel Ki-V - amzn.to/3qRBove
📺: Watch latest EDC video - esmain.info/goal/v-deo/ont9ac2bkLF0gsU


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  • ⭐️ Civivi Ostap Hel Ki-V - amzn.to/3qRBove 📺: Watch latest EDC video - esmain.info/goal/v-deo/ont9ac2bkLF0gsU

    • The Kershaw launch 4 better

  • Cool

  • Got the perf a couple of months ago and it is my ride or die go to

  • Really wish it wasn't a slip joint.

  • A little too small for my taste

  • If it locked I'd carry

  • Heck yeah looks sick

  • I want to edc this, sold out where I am

  • Bought both colorways and swapped the black blade into the jade g10 with black hardware, looks dope

  • How much are those

  • Yes,it's definitely EDC and you can keaster it if you had too.

  • Finally a Brand I recognize, won't be surprised if the Civivi shows up more often in the show the have great EDC knives

  • Bruvs in bri in are be living in fear now they got koifes this smol

  • My butter doesn't taste like a knife

  • It's baby sized

  • Why would you have an EDC that small?? I keep a minimum blade length of 4 inches on me.

  • He’s not British

  • Bigger = better

  • Still not a toy.

  • I bought my own, thanks for the influence. My wallet does not approve

  • Yep, yah, oui... I'm all over that 😂

  • Pls post full video 😤😤

  • I like it.

  • I would totally carry this this would be the hands down the best minimalists Carry

  • Looks like a terrible shape

  • Is it uk legal (non locking)

  • carrying one currently but in the jade g10 version

  • It's a great knife, I got two of them. One black and one jade G10.

  • make a black panther edc video PLEASE...?

  • 🤩🙃 Loved it

  • can u pls do leather edc ;)

  • I would only EDC this type of knife. There is no need for something bigger, I don't chop heads in my work.

  • I have the Civivi Shredder good knives

  • man where r those awsm edc black out , white out, teal out , yellow out !! miss that stufff

    • Coming soon, testing out some short form videos at the moment too.

  • Wouldn’t EDC it cause it’s too small for me, but I can’t deny that it’s one hot little blade 🔥

  • Gotta have this… now how do I explain yet another knife delivery to the missus lol

  • CIVIVI is so damn good! Their Elementum is one of my new favorite knives & I can’t wait to buy from them again!

  • Love IT .ALWAYS Carry 2 perfect 5th pocket !! YOU CAN'T BEAT CIVIVI!!☺😝

  • yes, send it to me so I can edc it. You know EDC stands for EVERY DAMN COOKIE

  • Where in Canada can I purchase this?

  • Wrong link...

  • That may be the coolest piece of EDC I've ever seen. *Perfect* size and design. Gotsta get me one. Thanks for highlighting this blackout beauty! 👍👍👍

  • Thanks, but I’ll stick with my PM3 lw and Bugout.

  • Хорошая форма клинка для вскрытия коробок, смотрится неплохо, нрааится 😁

  • I wish it locked

  • Loving these shorts with your content

  • WAs just looking for this kind of knife! Thank you! :D

  • O.m.g. I’m getting this right now!

  • Sweet

  • I just saw this on Amazon and I was debating on it! Id absolutely EDC this!

    • definitely should just got mine in it’s amazing, if you haven’t had natural jade g10 before it’s a must, so crazy

  • Already put it in my favorites to buy in Amazon. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • Totally would

  • Bro I'm eagerly Wait for ur next video Kindly upload it Atleast weekly once

  • Would've liked to see D2 or n690

  • Man I been waiting for full video

  • Unsubbing cos of these #shorts

  • Yeah 100%

  • no lock ?

  • hi

  • Better than that ceramic blade but a steel similar to 440c at $45?

  • Oh ima need that

  • Wow!

  • Yup, the voice-over is better because of you're humor

  • looks prety cool i may have to buy it

  • Can’t wait to see the full video